Nyege Nyege

Date 2022
City Kampala
Country Uganda
What Cultural Festival

Nyege Nyege is a Kampala based collective running two record labels, an artist agency and a multi-day annual Pan African festival of the arts.

Nyege Nyege takes it’s inspiration from the legendary World Festival of the Black Arts’ that took place in Dakar Senegal in 1966. An extended invitation from Uganda to the world, for what is now widely considered one of the most important musical gatherings of the 21st century.

“I think that’s something you can find in any scene around the world, it always starts with some kind of physical space. It’s either a house where people can meet, or a bar where they are welcome. Without that, it does become really complicated, because everything becomes atomized.”

Listen here to the interview with Derek Debru from Nyege Nyege, for our monthly Space of Urgency radio show on Refuge Worldwide. We discuss topics such as mutual support, making ends meet as an underground collective and the importance of having physical community space.