Date 2023
City Almaty
Country Kazakhstan
What Experimental community space

bULt is a community-driven experimental rave space, research and arts environment in Almaty, Kazakhstan, aiming to support local and Central Asian representatives of the queer community.

bULt's goal is to create networks of solidarity and cooperation within the region that help the community to be and create a new reality together.


Listen below to the 15th episode of Space of Urgency radio with Anuar and Soultana of the bULt team.

“The accepting environment takes all members of the community on equal terms, one of which in the Rave Space is the musical manifestation of sound.

The very fact of music perception is an act of active co-creation and participation. Continuing in a joint dance, this act is embodied in a united body of Rave, absorbing each, everyone and all.”