Date 2022
City Mexico City
Country Mexico
What Artist Space
Avant.Dev is a curatorial studio based in Mexico City that explores multiverses in creative ways through art with interdisciplinary formats in thought and matter. Within a human-centric manifesto focused in Mexico and Latam, Avant.Dev explores how the digital transformation through art and culture can serve to the public interest, identifying key priority areas.
1. Democracy, Fundamental Rights and Equal Opportunities
  • Promoting new forms of art and advanced technologies that envision experiences as done with stakeholders, empowering people to become active participants rather than just passive recipients, and harnessing the power of Digital Social Innovation to further human-centric public sector technology.
  • Following up on existing efforts to address the issue of disinformation online as well as hate speech, public incitement to violence or hatred.
  • Monitoring legislation and policies.
2. Funding Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Fellowships
  • Building a harmonized framework for the protection of fundamental rights when dealing with State surveillance.
  • Adopting a comprehensive strategy to safeguard against the use of personal data and data systems in ways that perpetuate discrimination and exclusion, particularly when they affect LGBTQ+ people or vulnerable groups who already face high levels of inequality.
  • Best practices developed by International Cultural Institutions that are identified at EU and national level and made publicly available, to inspire future actors of urban change.
3. Involvement of community mentors/hosts
  • We develop efforts in order to catalyse the importance of the fellows’ community by including hosts and mentors in the orientation so they can become familiar with the fellowship program and get to know the other participants.
  • Each experience at Avant.Dev is a valuable opportunity to assess the extent to which you achieved your goals for the sessions/activities/materials.
  • Resources are provided directly to the fellow, who will conduct their project work in formal association with the host & stakeholders.

Avant.Dev proposes critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on advanced technologies through artistic interventions. Within the ability to internalise the role playing of the creative arts and data science into the society, we want to invite you to develop a shift and push motivational states of conductual behaviour.

Avant.Dev is a safe, neurodivergent, pets+kids friendly space.


Tania Ramos Beltran
Economist, Cultural Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Avant.Dev

Erick González Aguilar
Computer Scientist, Social Commitment & Founder of Avant.Dev