Space of Urgency documentary and profile installation displayed in Museumsquartier Vienna


Type Documentary & Video installation
Location frei_raum Q21, Vienna
Year 2022

The exhibition 'No Dancing Allowed', curated by Bogomir Doringer, took place from 22.06. – 20.11.2022 in the frei_raum Q21 in Vienna. Space of Urgency produced two installation pieces for the exhibition, which attracted over 30.000 visitors. Below you can find both the SOU documentary and profile installation. 

Space of Urgency documentary

14 min.

Short documentary on the narrative of Space of Urgency, in collaboration with filmmaker Jan Beddegenoodts of Cameltown. The material consists of interviews with space organizers and activists around the globe, combined with atmospheric images, to bring across the positive aspects and importance of the spaces. These images are combined with recordings from protests and actions around Europe, related to the disappearance of independent cultural spaces. The documentary aims to bring across the fragility and urgency of the demise of such spaces. Watch the documentary here!

Profile Installation

4 min.

A video collage made in collaboration with Maximilian Mauracher. The idea behind this installation is to give a representation of SOU’s space profiles by a combination of quotes, images and videos from the profiles. Portraying several of the spaces, the total gives an overview of the challenges faced by a diversity of independent cultural spaces. As with the documentary, this is meant to spread a better understanding about the importance and positive aspects, as well as the challenges and urgencies of the spaces.